As the CS Lewis quote above notes how we can truly become ourselves, we are especially excited about our friend “Dave’s” new adventure and his coming into his own. Some of you will recognize some of Dave’s story from Faith and Finance classes (he eliminated his pay day loans and never got one again — even at the insistence of his mother). Dave will be 50 years old this summer but has the mental capacity of a adolescent. He’s never lived alone but has found himself homeless, along with his mother, due to mom’s inability to clear up her pay day loan issues. Their house was foreclosed on and they have been living in their car until both wound up in the hospital due to serious health issues. Mom is currently in a nursing home battling having her leg amputated. While getting Dave to this point has not been an easy journey, he is here and he is ready to go. We had to pull him off the street last week as he was living in his mom’s dangerously hot car.  Now we have put him in a safe apartment so that his health is no longer at risk. Dave will return to working as a dishwasher once his health improves and he can stand up for a longer period of time.

There are still complications to the story.  Dave can’t read, he can’t stand for too long because of the condition of his legs (that is improving).  He should be receiving SSDI (disability) in a few months to help supplement his income as he will work as much and as long as he can. The good news is that Dave will be entering our GOSO program in just a few weeks. Our goal is to find Dave a better job once he goes through this program so that he can become independent. He is excited and he’s doing well keeping his apartment clean and cooking his own food!


In order to get Dave into an apartment, we had to guarantee 3 months of rent and so we need your help. To date, we’ve raised $650 of support for Dave. We are needing to raise an additional $1,850 which would cover his deposit, estimated electricity and 3 months rent (by that time he should be back to work at his old job or beginning a new career).  If you are able, please help Dave by donating to cover his expenses. You can mail a check (PO Box 148251, Nashville, 37214) or give via our online giving page. A one-time gift or a monthly gift for the next three months would help to off-set the costs. These are very unusual circumstances and helping Dave has already been life changing for him. Although he’s living alone for the first time in his life, he is surrounded with support and he is happy.

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