Project Connect Nashville was founded in 2013 to bring hope to the hurting in Nashville. Our desire is to build relationships with individuals stuck in the cycle of poverty and connect them to the faith community. Poverty is not just a lack of financial resources, it’s brokenness in all areas of a person’s life. This includes finances, transportation, work, healthcare, housing, education, relationships and the church. We seek to heal areas of brokenness and guide the church in being a part of the mending process.




PCN exists to break the poverty cycle through relationship, resources, & education in partnership with the local church.



On May 1st, 2010, the waterways throughout Nashville began to rise at a historic rate. Concerned for the citizens of his community, Alan Murdock took action, creating a team to search for and rescue the elderly trapped in their homes, and to salvage the homes and belongings of their neighbors and friends. By the end of the week, he was directing hundreds of volunteers including the 101st Airborne Division. His leadership through this difficult time brought recognition from Metro Council, Hands on Nashville, and the Nashville Scene. He was named East Nashvillian of the Year, 2010.

The flood deeply impacted Alan, and increased his desire to serve God through ministry to the vulnerable in his community. Over time, through leadership roles in multiple relief organizations, he has developed a unique ability to recognize the “blind spots” where churches, businesses, and individuals could step in and serve to make a deep impact in the lives of families in poverty. He has also seen first hand the value in developing partnerships with other compassionate and like-minded organizations.

Today, Alan and his wife serve as leaders of Project Connect Nashville, developing deep and meaningful relationships, building hope, and providing a “real and unified” connection between families in poverty and the Body of Christ.