Our Mission


Project Connect Inc. exists to help the whole person escape the hopelessness of poverty through the transformative love of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values

Believing in God

We believe our relationship with God is our primary relationship in life through the work of Jesus Christ in us. Because of such, we seek to honor Him with our thoughts, words, and actions by sharing His transformational love with our neighbors.

Empowering Stability

We believe that all people are created in God’s image.  Honoring this truth, we encourage the alleviation of poverty, whether spiritual, relational, or financial, by empowering and helping people recognize, develop, and use the gifts God gives them.

Fostering Community

We believe that people thrive in healthy, joyful community.  We cultivate a nurturing environment where those who gather will experience connection, love, encouragement, and accountability.

Restoring Relationships

We believe that poverty is a result of broken relationships.  We help to restore those relationships by pointing people toward Jesus Christ who heals and makes all things new including relationships with God, others, and ourselves.

Engaging the Church 

We believe in God’s call for the local church to respond to the complexities of poverty.  In partnership, we provide opportunities for the local church to fulfill its call to equip and empower the congregation by offering spaces to form meaningful relationships with those living in poverty.


Equipping the Whole Person

We believe that to flourish at work, home, and their community, people thrive from access to whole-person development and education. We provide Biblically supported curriculum, coaching, and other resources leading to ongoing life change for all.


Project Connect Nashville’s beginnings can be traced back to the Nashville flood of 2010. Seeing the devastating impacts on their community, a group of East Nashville neighbors responded by organizing volunteers from the community and from churches to bring help and healing to those affected by the rising waters. Inviting people into their home for meals and holding classes at various churches, little did they know this would be the birth of PCN in 2013. Through prayer, discernment, and input from the community, PCN opened its doors and began reaching out to the vulnerable in Madison to offer hope and healing through relationship, education and resources.

As always, God was in the details and soon brought to PCN financial and volunteer resources through area churches. A grant from First Baptist Church Nashville allowed PCN to establish our Madison location and hire staff so we could begin offering our 4 day a week Work Life class. Our Woodbine campus was opened and continues to operate as a result of a grant from Brentwood Baptist Church. Other churches have been instrumental in PCN’s growth through funding and volunteering. We have seen first-hand the value in developing partnerships with other compassionate and like-minded faith-based organizations to serve our clients.

Today, the ministry includes locations in Madison and Woodbine. Each location ministers in a unique way to the community they serve through relationship, education, and resources, providing a real and unified connection between families in poverty and the Body of Christ.


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