This has been a busy year for us! Our annual fundraiser didn’t happen as we hoped (scheduled for April) but we kept going–serving the communities impacted by the tornado and still reeling from Covid-19’s affect. We have already raised $80,000 toward our goal of $160,000. We are halfway there! Will you support the work of PCN so more families are able to join PCN’s long-term programming? We can do this together because we are #StrongerTogether


Your gift ensures that we can continue to provide our essential core programming for individuals that continue to walk through PCN’s doors in need of assistance. Many have experienced loss due to the tornado or covid-19 and we want to be able to help them become stable again. The cost for one individual to complete PCN’s year-round programming is $2,400 and includes education, housing assistance and one-on-one case management. Please consider giving a one-time gift or spread your gift out over a year.


Give a one-time gift to our #StrongerTogether campaign

You can help transform the lives of families in our city by giving today. All donations are tax deductible.

Become a monthly #StrongerTogether partner

Invest with us in the long-term rebuilding efforts of North Nashville. There is a lot of work to do and we need your help!

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