Rescue. Relieve. Develop.

Did you know that in Nashville…

Housing in Nashville


to rent the average one-bedroom home (that’s 3.5 part time jobs)

1 in 3

children live in poverty (and that number is growing)


Unemployed people (lacking basic job skills)

19 %

of Nashvillians live in poverty (worse than the national average)

Making A Difference

PCN works on the front lines to connect with the homeless and other at-risk people who live in poverty. We seek to build trusting relationships by nurturing, nudging, encouraging, feeding, and simply loving broken people.


Prepare, serve and share a meal, become an ally, provide childcare join in our laundry service day, or collect items for our families.

Connect your church

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when planning church ministry opportunities. We can help you talk to your church leaders about serving the poor.

You can give by donating your time and resources to the work of Project Connect Nashville. Tax deductible donations can be sent online or by mail – Donate Now

Pray for poverty’s power to be broken. Pray for God to move in the hearts of the families we serve. Join our email to find out about recent prayer needs.

Join us for an evening of amazing art provided both by men & women transitioning out of poverty as well as established artists from our community. We expect to have over 20 unique artists work available for purchase that night! As well as appetizers, drinks and live music by Joe West for all to enjoy!

The vision for The Art & Soul Event is to showcase art & photography created by people who are transitioning out of a life of poverty as well as pieces from established artists in the community. Our desire is to fill the walls with uplifting art that inspires people!

How does art bring about hope & foster community? Hopeless, impoverished people need beauty. They need to have a voice. They need a way to express their fears, worries, frustrations, hopes and dreams—but often, nobody listens to them. They need healthy, inspiring relationships—but many of them are lonely and disconnected. Artists need to create. We need to connect. We need to communicate via our craft—to speak Truth, inspire change, celebrate joyful things, shine light into darkness, and think outside the box.

Whether you are an artist, a lover of art, a lover of people or simply have a desire to see change in our community this event is for you! Stop by on Saturday, November 4th and be an ambassador for change & bring a friend!

A HUGE thanks to a couple of our sponsors:  

US Bank & Anderson Design


Responses from the work done through PCN

I’m not going back to homelessness.



As full-time missionaries living in Nashville, we are learning a new culture and using the resources that we have to share the love of Christ. Our home has become a safe place for friends to gather.  We use our home to minister to the hurting and lonely, and sometimes for laundry. We frequently transport people to church, to see a doctor or a job interview.  Just like missionaries that serve abroad, our “work” is the work of relationship. We need people who will catch the vision and help us continue the important work of connecting individuals in need to churches and families.  The areas we serve are resource deprived.  Help us connect with hope and opportunity.

Alan & Michelle


When I’ve served overseas in third world countries, I prepare my heart for seeing conditions that we don’t see in America.  People in the United States have it good, right? There are programs to always help those in need, right?  But then I stepped out of my comfort zone.  Instead of just donating items to Goodwill, I donated items to families. Instead of just sending canned goods or a monetary donation to a food bank, I went and served the food myself and sat with those that are hungry.  And I saw that there is a need here.  I experienced culture shock just 20 minutes from my home! There are real people with real stories and real pain.  And but for the grace of God, I’d be walking in less comfortable shoes and tattered clothes and debating each month, “do I pay for my heat or do I pay rent?  I don’t have enough for both.”  God is using Project Connect Nashville, working through this ministry and building up His church to be His hands and feet to the least of these.  He is tearing down the stone walls around the hearts of His children and giving eyes to see the needs of those around us.  I have been blessed to see Alan and Michelle’s hearts as they pour their lives into loving the people they serve, living by example, and rallying others to do the same.