The GOSO (“get out stay out” of poverty) watch column will reflect the needs, progress and opportunities of PCN’s GOSO programming. This is PCN’s poverty alleviation program that is similar to what Advance Memphis and others are doing and they are seeing great results. We have been building toward this moment and this program for nearly 2 years.

Here’s a timeline of our new GOSO programming:

Class 1>> July 18 begins Achieve, the first of 4 mandatory classes. Achieve helps us identify who is ready to be fully invested in the GOSO program. Attendees of Achieve will learn the expectations of the GOSO program, identify the challenges that, if addressed, will lead them to be successful in the program (i.e. GED, literacy, financial/budget work, etc.). With the aid of Scripture, participants will write a job description for their life as God is calling them to live.

Class 2>> In August, participants will begin a 6 week, 4 day a week class in job readiness with the expectation of walking straight into a job once completing the Work Life course.

Class 3>> September begins Faith & Finance classes to help them better understand their values and to make a budget.

Class 4>> In January we’ll begin a 10-week study on The Story of God and hear how God used broken people throughout the Bible and redeemed them for His purposes.

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