One of the downsides to missional living is that sometimes the person you have been working with is taken from you with only a moments notice.

That happened to one of our families a little over a week ago when 26 yearold Crystal was taken from us as she passed away in the early morning from a seizure. She had been baptized on Mother’s Day a few weeks earlier. Her son and her fiancé, James, were crushed. James was hoping to adopt her son, Harold, and when Crystal died it began looking pretty certain that the 8 year old Harold would be placed in the care of his paternal father in Memphis – a “biological” parent with a not so good history (despite showing up in court dressed as twins). This family is now scattered and we are out of touch with the child and Harold has limited communication with the man who has been his father for the last 3 years. But James has a faithful, loving church family that continues to walk with him through this long and hard journey (thanks Hermitage Hills!).

We were reminded this week that what looks to be lost may also be found. I was contacted by Nate Wood who, along with his wife, live missionally in their community with families in poverty. He was very excited to see the picture of a particular kid on our Facebook page.

“Is that ‘George’?

“Yes!” I replied.

There was much rejoicing because George was a part of a family whose mother was involved in drug dealing. About a year ago they were evicted from their home and the Woods had no way to contact George and his siblings. They were saddened at the loss of connection as they knew the family needed support and more importantly — Jesus. George and his family ended up at Lexington Gardens a couple of weeks ago and he and his sister have been engaged in our summer programming. They are connecting and are excited that Nate will see them in a few short weeks as the Wood’s will be bringing a group to minister to this community through VBS.


We can only pray that our faithfulness in pouring into the life of Harold will pay off and he will look for fellowship with people pointing him to Christ while he is in Memphis. Specifically we are praying that Harold, like George, will be found! And if we are blessed like the Woods’ family, we might get to at least see him in a photo or perhaps even get to visit him once again.

“And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and his neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!” Luke 15:6

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