The local church is central to the work of Project Connect Nashville. PCN connects families that we serve to the church so they can begin to see the value of relationships. We also connect the church to families struggling in deep poverty. We do this through education and also providing opportunities to volunteer. See our “get connected” page to discover how your church can get connected.


Our vision is to form relationships with employers that are mutually beneficial. Our graduates receive intensive training and additional support as they enter the workforce. We work closely with our partners to ensure success for the employee and employer. If you are interested in hiring a graduate, contact us for details.


We are thankful for the granting agencies that have given generously to build the capacity of the organization. We are so grateful for your vision for the community and we thank you for honoring us with your grant awards.


PCN collaborates with local and national organizations to equip and educate our staff in ministering to the poor. We collaborate with local organizations that have expertise in areas outside of our focus.. Our collaborators are important because they get what we do (and vice versa). They share information and keep the communication lines open. Thanks collaborators!