GOSO Program

GOSO references our goal for participants to “Get Out, Stay Out” of poverty. Qualifying participants agree to participate in 4 core curriculum classes offered throughout the course of a year. Participants also agree to do 10 hours of community engagement each month. Some of our participants may qualify to receive rent reduction as part of their program package. Participants will be offered many classes throughout the year such as GED, Literacy, Parenting Classes, Anger Management to name a few, and for some, those will be required based on their initial assessment. All GOSO participants are required to take the following 4 core curriculums:

  • Work LifeWe work because God works, and our work is good.
    This course restores dignity to our participants by reminding them that they are made in God’s image, and that they have skills and assets that are valuable in the work force.
  • Faith and FinancesWe steward our money for its use in God’s kingdom.
    This course promotes financial stability in our participants through a biblical understanding of how we honor God with our money, both in our kingdom work at home and our kingdom work in the world.
  • The Story of GodGod’s work in the world is revealed in a story. This engaging introduction to narrative theology weaves together the stories and themes of the Bible to present a compelling picture of the grand story of God and the amazing love He has for His people. Drawing from scripture, everyday experience and a solid knowledge of the Christian faith gives confidence as our participants walk through our partner church’s doors.

  • AchieveInspiration, accountability, and giving.
    Our participants meet once a month to hear success stories, share struggles, and serve their community while being groomed for growth and change through Asset Based Community Development principles and tools. Here we ask the question, “what’s holding you back and what do you feel will propel you forward towards hope and success”?

What is My Role?

Develop relationship.

Be intentional in relating to participants. Affirm their dignity as people made in the image of God, and walk humbly with them by being transparent and honest about your own life.

Use our programming as an inroad.

Have you ever had questions about work, money, or God? So have our participants. Talking about these things in our classes will naturally promote and deepen relationship.

Ask God to work.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will break the spiritual poverty in participants’ lives. Be ready to connect participants to the Gospel and to ongoing community with the church.